Want to write a case for Modern EM?

It's easy! Just email me at to share you idea for a post.
What's in a good post:

1. The best Modern EM posts teach a medical concept by telling a personal story.
2. The format is simple:
a) one paragraph HPI
b) case name by chief complaint (like "palpitations" or "pharyngitis")
c) what electronic resources you used to solve the case
      *each resource will be hyper-linked to an iClickEM page for that resource.  This means, you should create a quick iClickEM page for any resource that does not already have one.
d) the case itself should be told as succinctly as possible while still teaching us something about emergency medicine and about Web 2.0
e) don't worry about graphics.  I will include them on the final post.

Submission Steps:

1. Become a member of Modern EM
2. Become a member of iClickEM
3. Email your case to
4. If your case is chosen, you will be given access to Modern EM as a guest blogger.
5. You will also be able to respond to any user comments regarding your case.

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